Sharyn Garden

About Me: I am originally from Queens, New York, where my brother and I were adopted and raised by our parents who were Holocaust survivors. Both of them instilled their values of integrity, hard work and honesty in me and I use them as a guide. My husband Elliott and I have lived in Piscataway for 13 years with our four children, as well as many other foster children whom we have cared for.

What I stand for: I am running to be a committee member in order to open up the Piscataway government. People deserve to be more involved in the decisions that affect our neighborhood and its future. Council meetings should be broadcasted so that the greater community can participate in advisory committees and commissions. Community forums on important issues such as tax breaks and new developments need to be held. This would ensure transparency and help maintain a good relationship between the people of Piscataway and its local government.

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Why I am running: I truly love to see my own children, and all of the children of Piscataway blossom into young adults. As a nurse, foster parent, and an active member of our community I believe that everyone should be heard and cared for in our area. The County Democratic Committee is extremely important as it determines the stances that other Democratic candidates take on the issues. As Committeewoman I would ensure that Ward 1 District 8 feels represented!

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