MIDDLESEX COUNTY, NJ - The Freeholders of Middlesex County have produced a fire safety video that stresses home safety and fire prevention, providing practical advice for daily living.  Beyond the important reminder to install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors, famlies are made aware of the importance of choosing quality electrical connections and the proper use of generators during emergency power outages.

The video was written and narrated by Freeholder James J. Polos, Chairperson of the Middlesex County Public Health and Safety Committee.  The message will be shown in schools and at public meetings throughout the county, in an effort to prevent tragedy and destruction before they happen.  Current Middlesex County fire statistics bring the message home to families.

“Ensuring the safety of our County’s residents has always been important to me, and one of the aspects of my duties as a Freeholder and Chairperson that I take the most seriously,” Polos said. “I have supervised safety projects for students in the past, but this video is one that is for the whole family. I hope this video will impart the lessons that our residents need to learn, and that residents everywhere will apply that knowledge to protect themselves and their families.”  (Middlesex County website)
All county Freeholders are in support of the video and the safety and prevention methods it teaches.  Additionally, in ackowledgement of 2015's being "The Year of the Volunteer," Freeholder Ronald G. Rios praises volunteer firefighters throughout the county for their excellent work: "2015 is Middlesex County’s Year of the Volunteer, and we owe our volunteers a great deal, but it’s also important that our residents learn to protect themselves in the event of an emergency before assistance arrives. A little knowledge makes a big difference, and I know this video will go a long way in helping citizens to plan ahead and remain safe."
Here is the link to the video.