PISCATAWAY, NJ – Located at 474 South Washington Avenue in Piscataway, Bagel Bazaar Deli & Grill serves fresh baked bagels, muffins, cookies, salads, and sandwiches everyday of the week.

Hungry diners can eat-in or take-out and choose from a variety of fresh, made-to-order menu items, including bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches , omelet platters and pancakes for breakfast, or grilled chicken wraps, turkey sandwiches and fresh salads for lunch.

Part of a franchise system, the Piscataway Bagel Bazaar was purchased in 2014 by Micky Patel, Sunny Patel and Krunal Patel who used their combined experiences with similar businesses to reinvent the deli and grill that now attracts commuters passing through Piscataway on their way to Route 287 and Route 22.

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“A lot of truck drivers stop in during the morning time,” said Sunny, who sold a small chain of convenience stores before starting in the fresh bagel business. “They can park on the side of the road because there is enough shoulder line (on South Washington).”

“The neighbors have supported us a lot because as they found out we are the new owners and that we’re doing well, they are coming back,” said Micky, who used to run his family’s deli in Sayreville and recently became a new father. “They are telling us that we’re doing a good job.”

Customer favorites include “the Belly Buster sandwich, which has pork roll, bacon, sausage, egg and cheese, and the Buddy Buster which stacks bacon, sausage, egg and cheese, with home fries, best served on a bagel or roll,” said Sunny.

“We also have an option for turkey bacon for people who don’t eat pork,” Micky said, explaining that while other places sell similar types of breakfast sandwiches, Bagel Bazaar has their own unique style when making them that their customers prefer.

But like the name suggests, Bagel Bazaar is best known for the large variety of bagels that are baked fresh on the premises every day, including plain and rainbow, sesame and poppy seeds, cinnamon raison and ‘Everything’. They will even bake specialty flavors such as French toast, pumpernickel, rye, blueberry, veggie, and jalapeno among many others.

“People take the bagels to other states and put them in their freezer or cooler since they stay fresh for 2-3 days,” Micky said, declining to reveal the ingredients that go into making Bagel Bazaar’s bagels so tasty and popular.

“Corporate has a factory where they make the bagels and deliver them here every other day,” he continued. “We top them and bake them here using a special rack oven. If you go to any Bagel Bazaar, you’ll have the same taste of bagel.”

To keep up with the customer demand, the baking process begins around 3:30 every morning when the baker reports to work, with another batch put in about 9:30 when the morning rush has finished.

“After the baker puts the bagels in the oven, he’ll start making the cookies, the muffins, the macaroni and tuna salads and the cream cheese,” said Micky, explaining how he uses recipes from his family’s deli to create many of the fresh food items featured at Bagel Bazaar.

“We make fresh cream cheese every other day because we don’t want to keep it there for a long time,” he said, describing how the process starts with a 50-pound block of cream cheese. “Out of that we make the vegetable cream cheese, and the scallion cream cheese; all of the different flavors of cream cheese.”

Bagel Bazaar has become known not only for their fresh breakfasts and lunches, but also for taking care of their customers.

“We learn all of the customers’ names and what they always get,” Sunny said, noting how everyone appreciates being greeted with a smile.

"My priority is that whenever a customer walks in, you take care of them no matter what you are doing,” said Micky adding that if a sandwich is wrong, they will change it or make something else. “The customer is always first and they are always right.”

Supporting the Piscataway community is very important to Micky, Sunny and Krunal, whose Bagel Bazaar location gets a lot of requests for catering and for food related donations.

“We donate the unsold bagels to the local churches on the weekends (for their food programs),” Micky said, listing various community groups they support including the Senior Center, the PHS wrestling team, and PTO fundraisers at Quibbletown, Arbor and Eisenhower schools.

“We even donated to the police department when they had the golf outing, and give gift certificates to tricky trays whenever they have something going on at the firehouses or at churches,” he added. “We don’t say no to community groups.”

Since they deliver to many areas around Piscataway “we are working on improving our sign so people can see that we’re doing catering,” said Micky. “We have a website with online menus and others in the store. We cater the lunches for teachers in the schools such as when there is a teacher’s day or a Christmas Party.”

Bagel Bazaar Deli & Grill is open Monday-Friday from 5 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 5 a.m.-3 p.m.

‘Not Just Good, but Sensational!’

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