Herb Tarbous

About Me: I am a past President and founding member of a “sweat equity” housing co-op in New York City, a 5-time finisher of the NYC Marathon. I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and am a lifetime 10 gallon blood donor. I was inspired by the energy the Sen.Sanders brought to the Progressive Democratic movement during the 2016 campaign.

What I stand for: I believe that healthcare is a right and we should know exactly how all of our Democratic leaders stand on the current issues. Piscataway’s government should be open for all- the council meetings should be broadcasted, committees and commissions open to public participation, and information and materials put online about upcoming local decisions. Leaders should be transparent and correctly represent their neighborhood’s interests.

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Why I am running: In 2017 I ran for and won election to County Committee and hope to keep that momentum going in an effort to bring the Democratic Party back to its roots. As a committee member we are able to control candidates’ stances on the important issues, therefore being on the county committee is the most important position.

Laura Tarbous

About Me: I am a quilter who has twice run first prize at the Kutztown fair. I am also a Middlesex County Master Gardener and am engaged in the multi-year restoration of a colonial home in the New Market section of town.

What I stand for: I am passionate about being part of building a stronger Democratic Party and representing the interests of my community. One of my main goals is to ensure tax fairness and affordability. Public disclosure for  proposed development deals and corporate tax incentives should be required and community benefits should be established, such as local hiring and vendors for tax breaks and contracts.

Why I am running: I look forward to continuing to represent the interests of my friends and neighbors in Ward 1, District 5, and throughout Piscataway. I ran for and won election to County Committee as a Progressive Democrat in 2017 and aim to continue to fight for progress in Piscataway.

For further information regarding the candidates or the Progressive Democrats, please visit http://www.centraljerseyprogressivedemocrats.org.