Rohit Bajaj

About Me: My name is Rohit Bajaj and I’ve been a resident of Piscataway for the past 13 years.  I live here with my wife and four children. I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC and moved to New Jersey in 2000. For the better part of the last 18 years I’ve worked on Wall Street in various leadership roles within the Capital Markets business.  I’ve helped build and lead high performance teams across various large divisions. Currently I work at a global IT company and I am a licensed realtor.

What I stand for: I believe that there needs to be a change in our local leadership. The town government needs to be opened for all and council meetings should be broadcasted. Regular community forums should be held in order to allow for public participation in important issues such as development and tax breaks. Over the last 2 years I’ve had the chance to work locally in Piscataway and its neighboring towns and I can see areas of opportunity for our town to continue to improve.

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Why I am running: I am running for the Piscataway Democratic Committee person position for Ward 2 District 8 to help bring change to our local government.   I’ve chosen to get involved because I’d like to be part of the solution. Piscataway has been home to me and my family for the past 13 years and now it’s time for me to get involved and give back to the community that I’ve been part of for more than a decade.

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