Jessica Walker

About Me: My husband and I have lived in Piscataway for over 20 years. I am a Clinical Research Manager and manage Phase I Oncology trials, helping to find a cure for Cancer. Our 2 children have attended Piscataway Schools and are currently attending Piscataway High School. I am a Girl Scout Troop leader (10 years) and a volunteer in Boy Scout Troop 67. I have been active in the Piscataway Choir Council Parent Association for the past 4 years and am currently the Vice President. I am also a volunteer for the Piscataway Superchief Marching Band.

What I stand for: As my children have grown, I have enjoyed the many parks and library programs available in Piscataway. I believe that investment in our neighborhoods is extremely important. Our local roads need fixing and during heavy snow all streets should be plowed. The expansion of local businesses can be facilitiated through the establishment of a Farmers' Market or the construction of a dog park. Small projects such as these leave a lasting impact on our community and the lives of its residents.

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Why I am running: Piscataway has been a wonderful place to raise our children and be an active member of the community. Committee members decide who gets the Democratic "line" on ballots and what positions local Democrats take on important issues. The Democratic Committee Member is the most important position that most people have never heard of, and they have kept the same people in power for decades. With new leadership we can ensure that our consituents feel heard and represented!


Mohammad Enver

About Me: For nearly two decades my family and I have been blessed to call Piscataway home. All four of my children have attended and graduated from Piscataway Township schools and have flourished as a result of the community and education they’ve received here. I have worked as a project management professional for 20+ years in the airline, transportation and restaurant industries.

What I stand for: I believe that tax fairness and affordability should be ensured in our town. The constant reevaluation of homeowner property taxes should be stopped, and public disclosure of proposed development deals should be required. The establishment of community benefits like local hiring and venfors for tax breaks and contracts would further develop our community.

Why I am running: As a homeowner and resident of Piscataway, I’ve seen how we’ve grown as a community over the past 19 years and look forward to serving the residents to make our neighborhood even better. I recognize that the diversity of Piscataway should be celebrated and our neighborhoods brought closer together!

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