PISCATAWAY, NJ - Quibbletown students were flying high during a special assembly featuring a Quib alumnus. Steven Geuther last walked the halls of Quibbletown 11 years ago, and today, he works as a mechanical engineer for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Geuther offered the students a glimpse into what he does every day at NASA in a presentation entitled: Aircraft for the Next Generation – Shaping the Future of Aviation.

Geuther spoke of Mars exploration expected to begin by 2025-2030, showing examples of aircraft that can withstand that terrain, including new capabilities for vertical take-off. He explained the “Concept Life Cycle – Ideation” to students, noting that Past Ideas, Future Scenarios, and Technology Advances equal High Potential National Ideas. He pressed upon the students that many of the same principles apply to their life in the classroom; and that even when models crash, you keep questioning what went wrong, keep rebuilding, and never give up. 

Principal Gonzalez pointed out that while Mr. Geuther graduated Quibbletown 11 years ago, the Mars exploration project he currently works on is just nine years from an expected launch. Current Quibbletown students could join the team working on this exciting project when they complete their education.