NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – While the University of Georgia reached the pinnacle in the 2016 Trojan™ Sexual Health Report Card, Rutgers found itself facing stiff competition from other large universities committed to sexual health on campus.

There were some gladiators on top, with University of Georgia scoring over the two-time reigning champ Oregon State University, which dropped a spot to the #2 ranking.

Rutgers, meanwhile, had somewhat of a free fall this year. Last year, the Scarlet Knights were actually ranked in the Top 25. But this year, there was an apparent tear in the armor, as Rutgers fell to No. 43 in the rankings.

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Rutgers might admit that a No. 43 is unimpressive, but at least the university wasn’t at the bottom of the barrel. Seton Hall University, in South Orange, came in sixth from last place, ranking at a dismal 135.

The annual study calls attention to the state of sexual health on campuses nationwide by ranking each school according to resource accessibility and initiatives in place to improve sexual health.

Since its inaugural report in 2006, the Trojan™ Sexual Health Report Card continues to grow. Schools continue to raise their standing as they strive for better offerings on campus.

"It is always great to make the top 10, but watching the change that has happened for so many schools over the years is a testament to the program and the passion students have when it comes to their own sexual health,” said Bruce Weiss, Vice President of Marketing for Trojan™ Brand Condoms. That is the most exciting part of it all, inspiring change amongst students nationwide."

Researchers collected extensive data via student health center representatives, along with follow-up secondary research on those centers and services they provide on campus. Student health centers were graded on services across 11 categories:

  • Quality of sexual health information and resources on website
  • Contraceptive availability -- free or at cost
  • Condom availability -- free or at cost
  • HIV testing on-site (On/off campus, cost)
  • STI testing on-site (On/off campus, cost)
  • Lecture/outreach programs and student peer groups for sexual health education
  • Sexual assault programs, resources or services
  • Overall website usability and quality
  • Hours of operation
  • Allow drop-ins or require appointments for student scheduling
  • Extra credit

Top 10 Sexually Healthy Schools

  1.  University of Georgia
  2.  Oregon State University
  3.  University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  4.  University of Oregon
  5.  The University of Texas At Austin
  6.  University of Arizona
  7.  University of Connecticut
  8.  Brown University
  9.  Stanford University
  10. University of Wisconsin-Madison