For the many that are woke to the centuries of racial injustices, racial disparity and overall racial oppression in the world; there are still those that unfortunately do not get the meaning of messages like Black Lives Matter or Black Lives Matter Too. Now, I know that comes from a lacking in knowledge as well as understanding about our Holocaust from past atrocities all the way to the present structural racism state we all still live under. Furthermore, as much as I could elaborate how people of color have constantly been excluded from mattering at all, even treated as subhuman to being discriminated against and specifically targeted because of skin color, hair texture etcetera, and not just in America but in a lot of countries around the globe. I instead prefer this be a do-it-yourself learning moment for everyone that genuinely wants to end racism but still aren’t woke enough to really get us to that point. I then therefore appeal to your conscience and ask that you do your homework, thoroughly research, learn all the facts and ask experts on the subject before making conclusions. Don’t continue to be misinformed or mistakenly misinforming others. We need to end racism once and for all but it can only be done when we properly educate ourselves and each other. - Shëryl