The Piscataway Democratic Party is putting forward an incredible slate of ward candidates for the Township Council.  “Frank Uhrin, Jim Bullard, Steven D. Cahn and Michele Lombardi have brought us a 12 percent drop in the tax rate, many new job opportunities for hard working residents, and a rise in property values,” party chair and former mayor, Ted Light said.  “Democrats throughout the township are thrilled that our four incumbents want to continue serving the public.” 

Our candidates are:

  • Frank Uhrin – Dedicating countless volunteer hours every year to children in the township, our local baseball commissioner and Pop Warner president continues to make family friendly opportunities possible throughout the year.  His stalwart attention to the high quality of township parks is one of the reasons why property values have increased dramatically in Ward 1.
  • Jim Bullard – A friend to all generations, Bullard is especially attentive to the needs of our township’s senior citizens.  The bountiful programs offered by our Senior Center are directly tied to the tireless advocacy of our Ward 2 council member.  Also an advocate for children, he has spent the past 30 years as a Little League baseball president and a Babe Ruth assistant state commissioner.
  • Steven D. Cahn – The retired Marine captain has led the charge on the soon-to-be-commenced construction of the Piscataway Community Center.  Also raising children in the township, Cahn is making sure that our long awaited project provides a multitude of fun for all ages.  In addition, Cahn has boldly moved forward with a plan to ban semi trucks from much of River Road to make traffic safer in Ward 3.
  • Michele Lombardi – Lifelong in the township with generations of family who volunteer, Lombardi understands that much of Piscataway’s special quality of life is in its open space.  That is why she has led strongly on the creation of the 75-acre Piscataway Ecological Park in her own Ward 4 that will enable a multitude of families to enjoy the benefits of nature.

“Democrats have an easy choice on June 5th,” Mayor Brian C. Wahler said.  “With Uhrin, Bullard, Cahn & Lombardi, they can choose vision, responsibility and harmony.  Piscataway prides itself of being a welcoming community of diverse backgrounds that comes together to build each other up, and these four candidates embody the best of our township.”

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Piscataway has experienced a renaissance of new opportunities under the leadership of Uhrin, Bullard, Cahn & Lombardi.  Their focus on smart growth and economic development has encouraged several well established and innovative companies to locate in the township so residents from all walks of life can find good paying jobs.

“Piscataway is best led by consensus, pragmatism and kindness, not by ideology and divisiveness,” Light said.  “We don’t need warriors who seek to slash and burn; we need leaders who seek to unify – and that is why we as real Democrats nominated Uhrin, Bullard, Cahn & Lombardi.”