Last week, Politico New Jersey reported that the proposed cannabis legalization bill that has the the support of a majority of New Jersey residents is unlikely to be passed during this legislative session.

The reason?  Political infighting.  Quite simply, our elected representatives are ignoring the will of the people they were chosen to represent and instead are allowing petty personal differences to get in the way of governing.

A recent Monmouth University poll found that 62% of New Jersey residents want the prohibition of cannabis stopped.  In nearly every age group surveyed, the majority of residents supported legalizing cannabis, with residents ages 18 to 35 supporting legalization at a staggering rate of 81%.

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We need representation unbound by old political alliances to move our state forward and to finally put the people and their needs first.

If elected as your State Assembly representative, I will cast my vote towards ending this devastating prohibition, and I promise to be a persistent voice to persuade other legislators to do the same.

I am also committed to ensuring that the communities most harmed by the criminalization are given the right to grow and sell the product, and I will fight for affected individuals’ criminal records be wiped clean of cannabis-related offenses with automatic expungements.

I believe in democracy, and that means prioritizing our people over our politics.  Together, we can bring an end to another failed prohibition initiative.

On June 4, I am asking you to vote for me, Ron Rivers, for New Jersey State Assembly.  You can find my name on Democratic Primary ballots in Franklin, Piscataway, New Brunswick, North Brunswick and Milltown.

You can learn more about me and my progressive platform at