NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – A water main break near Landing Lane and George Street is disrupting traffic and water service in the area, according to City Hall.

New Brunswick officials learned of the break this morning, June 6, city spokesperson Jennifer Bradshaw told TAPinto New Brunswick. She said workers are trying to fix the problem.

“Repairs are being handled as quickly and efficiently as possible,” she said.

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As of 2:40 p.m., the city didn’t have an estimate of when the issue might be resolved.

Some people in the neighborhood, meanwhile, are dealing with low water pressure or “temporary” service outages, Bradshaw said.

The water main break will also affect rush-hour commuters.

New Brunswick planned to close Landing Lane at River Road around 3:30 p.m., Bradshaw said. She expected that move to “halt” traffic headed into the Hub City on the road into the evening.

George Street is slated to remain open at Landing Lane during repairs, she said. Drivers may turn right to get to nearby Piscataway or left toward Franklin Township.

An alert from Breaking News Network this afternoon claimed that the “major” main break affected Johnson and Johnson’s Riverview Guesthouse, the apartments at 10 Landing Ln., “local residences” and a nursing home in Piscataway.