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Denise A. Williams, Ed.D., LPC.


Piscataway resident and author, Dr. Denise Williams has published her newly-acclaimed book Wellspring of Words.

WELLSPRING OF WORDS blends together research from science, psychology, and the Holy Scriptures, to unleash the power that lies in our words to bring about health and wellness or harm and hurt in the whole person.  

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WELLSPRING OF WORDS balances the spiritual, science, and practical, common-sense wisdom, and gently nudges the reader on a healing journey to mental, physical, and spiritual transformation.  It is a timely book for any reader who is ready for this journey.

The author mixes critical thinking with a personal concern for the betterment of each person, and offers up a practical, step-by-step guide that encourages each reader to make a shift into the undeniable power of a life-giving narrative.  


“Some writers overwhelm with words, this book has a lightness, a kindness to it… not beating the reader over the head.  It just offers a little light. It’s a very encouraging book.”     Ian S.

“I would have to say the most impactful messages from your book that I took away was about words having power and reframe your thoughts.”    Samara S.

“I’m encouraged and inspired to do better, to be the best I can be, and be a motivator for myself, my husband, and mostly for my daughter.”    Andrea L-G.

The book is currently available at Amazon.com. 

About Denise Williams, Ed.D.

Dr. Denise Williams is Author, Licensed Psychotherapist, Performance Coach, and Educator, who has coached, counseled, and trained or taught thousands of leaders and individual contributors to make changes in their lives and achieve personal and professional goals.  Dr. Williams earned a doctorate (Ed.D.) in Adult Learning and Leadership from Teacher’s College Columbia University and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling.  She connects with her clients with the same mixture of authenticity, ease, and passion as she does with workshops, seminars, and conferences she leads; and counts it a blessing to be able to help others identify their strengths and choose a healthier life.

You may contact the author at wellspringofwords@gmail.com for information about this book Wellspring of Words.