WESTFIELD, NJ — Four Westfield police officers were hurt just after midnight on May 20 when a man pulled over for speeding locked his doors and tried to drive away, running over one officer's leg, according to a press release issued Monday by Westfield Police Chief David Wayman. 

Another officer sustained injuries to his back and knees as he tried the stop the vehicle, Wayman said in the release. The others were hurt as the man continued to resist arrest, he said. He added that that none of the injuries were serious and that the officers appeared to be recovering.

According to police, Abraham Mashinsky of Lakewood, who had multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest, was pulled over in his blue Hyundai that night for speeding in the area of Central Avenue and Pearl Street.

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“When officers attempted to place Mr. Mashinsky into custody he locked himself in his vehicle then proceeded to drive away heading South on Central Ave towards Clark, refusing to pull over,” the press release said. “Officers proceeded to follow behind the suspect vehicle attempting to stop it. The vehicle was finally stopped on Central Ave near Raritan Road in Clark. Once stopped, officers were forced to break the vehicles window in order to physically remove Mr. Mashinsky from his vehicle. He continued to disobey the officers’ instructions, resulting in one officer being knocked down to the ground and having his leg  driven over by Mashinsky’s vehicle and another officer sustaining injuries to his back and knees attempting to stop the vehicle that struck the other officer.”

The two other officers were injured as he continued to resist arrest, according to the press release.  

In addition to the multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest totaling $3,500, Mashinsky was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of aggravated assault, eluding arrest, obstruction of administration of law and resisting arrest, according to police. They said he was processed and later taken to the Union County Jail with a bail amount of $52,000.