Yesterday, hundreds of millions of people around the globe watched the New England Patriots come from a 28-3 deficit to win Super Bowl LI. Tom Brady now holds the unique distinction of being the only quarterback in NFL history to have 5 Super Bowl rings.

How does that make you feel, New York Jets fans? Yes, I feel it too. Where's our Tom Brady, our Joe Namath?

Where does Tom Brady's intense drive come from? Brady tells it best when he described himself sitting at home with his parents during the 2000 NFL Draft, waiting for the phone to ring, waiting to hear he'd been picked by an NFL team, any team. Round after round of picks went ahead of him, until finally the New England Patriots made the call. That's where part of his drive comes from. He felt like the underdog and he wanted to become a winner.

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A football team is not a winner with just one person. The team works as a whole to overcome unsurmountable odds to pull out ahead and win. The Patriots certainly did that in Super Bowl LI.

Where is the New York Jet's drive?

Last week I attended the Jets House, a pre-Super Bowl event held for Jets fans. I had my NFL  football autographed by former New York Jets #57, Mo Lewis. He played 13 seasons with the Jets, and racked up amazing statistics in 200 games. Mo Lewis was a 3 time Pro Bowler, he was the Jets defensive captain from 1997 to 2003, and he was named to the NFL All-Pro team after the 1998 season.

He is most famous for hitting Drew Bledsoe along the sideline in 2001, resulting in New England having a new quarterback, Tom Brady.

Since 2001, when Brady came on the scene, the New York Jets have had a long list of starting quarterbacks. Ryan Fitzpatrick played well the 2015 season, but was basically screwed around in the 2016 pre-season and we all know how well that worked out for the New York Jets.

2001 we saw Vinny Testaverde. 2002 to 2007 Chad Pennington took his turn. In 2008 Brett Farve (a great player for a previous team, right!) took a whirl. 2009 to 2012 we had Mark Sanchez (remembered mostly for "The Butt Fumble") and in 2013-2014 we had Geno Smith (known infamously by employees at UPS).

Not a bad list of quarterbacks but look at the results - very few playoff appearances and certainly no Super Bowl appearances.

Something is just not right with the New York Jets. Is it possible that the New York Jet's scouts at the draft need to dig a little deeper, find someone who trains a little harder, someone with a little more drive?

Monday morning quarterbacking. I'd give anything for a decent Sunday afternoon quarterback. Someone playing with a team that has a lot more drive. We are the underdogs and have been for a long time. It's time we look around the league and take some cues from the Super Bowl LI winners. It's time to win.