NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Hard to believe, but this one is not about Rutgers athletics. Well, maybe a little bit.

I just got home from the “Rutgers – State of the University.” Jenn and I were fortunate to be invited to hear President Barchi share his vision and update us on the current state of Rutgers.  I have never been more excited to be a part of the Rutgers family. Yes, I talk a lot about Rutgers athletics. And yes, I love Rutgers athletics.

But there is sooooo much more to be excited about. Soooo much more to be proud of. The presentation was fantastic. Absolutely spectacular. I am hoping I can get it to share with you all. You will be blown away by what is going on at Rutgers. All the accolades and success in academics. All the nationally ranked faculty and academic programs. Top 25 in this, top 10 in that, top 5 in something else. 

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The amazing students applying every year. SAT scores at all-time highs.  The honors program has an average SAT score 600 points above the national average.  600 points! 

And how about the transformative improvements in the student experience. Appears to me, the “RU Screw” is a thing of the past. Massive investment in IT, infrastructure, even the bus system. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. And what is coming….

How about a brand new, beautiful mall area where Brower Commons and Records Hall now stands.  A transportation hub on the waterfront. A boardwalk along the river. A pedestrian bridge across the river.  New dorms. New classrooms. New, new, new, new…..

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least make one athletics shout out. How about the groundbreaking on a brand new multi-sport facility adjacent to the RAC scheduled for NEXT WEEK!  Yes, next week.  18 months or so and we have a brand new, beautiful, state-of-the-art athletic facility.  

Yes, I love Rutgers sports. More broadly, I love Rutgers. What an amazing, inspiring, exciting night. Hope I can get the presentation to share with you all.

GO RU!!!!!!!