Why are you running for election to the Piscataway Township Council?

I am running for election to the Piscataway Township Council because I believe that a vibrant democracy only flourishes when the governed have a voice in their government, be it in the form of compromise, protest, or even becoming viable candidates themselves. I have chosen the latter approach. As a candidate I want to be the voice that advocates for policies that are favorable and just toward those I represent in the Council. There are a plethora of issues for township council to deal with ranging from building a state of the art facility for recreation, immigration matters, excessive development throughout Piscataway, taxes, timely cleanup and snow removal, government transparency, and police substation(s), I am running because I believe that I can be a voice on the Council that addresses these issues using a rational, common sense approach that best benefits Piscataway homeowners and residents.

2. What specific things do you hope to accomplish?

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If elected to Piscataway Township Council I will advocate and work diligently to bring the following goals to fruition for the betterment of Piscataway. They include:

  • resume plans to build and open the YMCA. Piscataway lacks an indoor recreational facility where community members can enjoy recreational activities and socialize. Such a facility would eliminate the overflow of children who utilize our libraries as after school safe havens or the fronts of homes and businesses as places to congregate. Families deserve nothing less than an affordable, state-of-the-art indoor recreational facility akin to those that many families in our neighboring cities/townships presently enjoy.
  • uphold the most important responsibility of a councilperson which is full participation at council meetings. Full participation at meetings provides the platform for councilpersons to learn about issues, discuss, and make informed votes on the issues that align with the needs and values of Piscataway residents.
  •  act as a liaison between the township and general public to transform communities, and township.
  • advocate for responsible spending.
  • advocate on behalf of residents who feel that police sub-stations in their neighborhoods are necessary in order to deter crime and prevent loitering.
  • Fulfill all of the duties of the office of Councilperson in a professional and ethical manner

3. About Dr. Jacqueline Littlejohn:

I am one of six siblings. I grew up in a middle class household nurtured by parents who encouraged my siblings and I to pursue our individual passion. I chose to pursue the path of education. I earned a bachelor, masters, and doctorate in education which allowed me the invaluable opportunity to serve as teacher, professor, assistant director, assistant principal, and principal. Aside from education I remain connected to children through mentoring.

Piscataway has been home to my family for 22 years. No matter where opportunities have taken us, our fondest memories have been had here in Piscataway We have enjoyed its parks, libraries, open space, cultural programs, peaceful neighborhoods, and schools. However, over the years I have noticed a significant decline in an area that made Piscataway a great place to live: open space. Less open space has led to overdevelopment, loss of a sense of community for people and animals, and a decrease in essential services. If elected to the Council, I will work diligently to maintain and protect the Piscataway that has given me and my family so many fond memories over the past 22 years.