Hello, I’m Michele Lombardi, your Piscataway fourth ward councilwoman. I’m asking for your support in the upcoming democratic primary race on Tuesday June 5th. I care about what happens here in Piscataway.

I have lived in Piscataway my whole life, I was raised by parents who have strong family values and taught me to be involved in my community. My dad was a volunteer firefighter and my mom had us involved in everything from brownies to the Superchiefs band. My husband of 28 years was a volunteer fire chief and now a commissioner.

Because of my involvement with the fire service I feel strongly that the safety of the community is of utmost importance and I will continue to advocate and work closely with our police, fire, and rescue squads.

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My other passion is to promote health and wellness to residents of all ages in Piscataway. I continue to be involved in the updating and maintenance of our 27 parks and I look forward to working very closely with our landscape architect to make the Cornell Farm our 28th and most beautiful park yet.

We just celebrated our tenth year of the Piscataway Clean Up Day which I initiated to bring everyone from the community together around Earth Day for the common goal of cleaning our community and being mindful of our environment. I will also be requesting that we work to become even more environmentally friendly by starting to purchase fuel efficient vehicles for our municipality.

One of the biggest concerns for our residents are property taxes staying stable.

We are working diligently to fill commercial vacancies with new businesses to balance the residential taxes. I believe bringing new industry offsets our taxes while creating good jobs.

I will be advocating for the movement of teaching our young adults the importance of considering jobs in the trades fields. There are manufacturing jobs available with not enough people to do them. As a hairstylist locally for 35 years, I believe we are going to need electricians, plumbers, welders, and tradespersons in the years to come.

With your support I look forward to bringing events to Piscataway that bring us together, not separate us. I enjoy listening, working with, and helping residents of Piscataway.

I’m asking for your support on Tuesday June 5th in the democratic primary for our team of Frank Uhrin, Jim Bullard, Steve Cahn, and myself Michele Lombardi.

I love Piscataway and want to see it continue to move in the right directions.

Thank you,

Councilwoman Michele Lombardi