Mohammed Raqeeb for Ward 4 Piscataway Township Council, June 5 Democratic Primary

1. Why are you running for election for Piscataway Township Council, Ward 4?

Piscataway is a very special place to my family and me. Along with my wife, I have been a homeowner here for 13 years, where we are raising our 3 children. I am running to be the Ward 4 representative on Piscataway’s Township Council because I want to see our neighborhood and the whole community flourish. I believe we all have a responsibility to make our community better, for current and future generations.  In our Township, we need new leadership to do that, and I am running for Council to be that change.

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As a graduate of the Citizen Police Academy, a Piscataway Soccer Club coach and a Civil Rights Commission member, I have a track record of leadership and public service.  I believe the knowledge and skills I have acquired can help our neighborhood and Township thrive in this dynamic time.  We need to have more people with independence and with a variety of perspectives represented in our local government. 

I am running for Council to insure that the concerns of Ward 4 residents are better represented.  We need a representative who will address the concerns of our neighborhood, from traffic and dangerous road conditions to delivering on the long list of unfulfilled promises about the Halper Farm and our Community Center.  I am running to make sure everyone’s voice is heard on our Council and in our municipal government.

We also need to make our government more transparent and accountable, and better use technology to communicate with each other and share information.  I have a Master’s in Computers and 16 years of experience in the management of Information Technology. I am running because I can contribute to making our government be more accessible, efficient and environmentally responsible.  For example, the Council members can use email, like most other communities in our area.  

I love Piscataway. I look forward to working together to foster connections and understanding while promoting transparency, accountability and responsibility.

2. What specific things do you hope to accomplish?

I am proud to be part of a dedicated team of Progressive Democrats, including Dr. Jacqueline Littlejohn in Ward 1, Dr. Tom Connors in Ward 2, and Staci Berger in Ward 3.  We believe that Piscataway deserves leaders who will stand up and strengthen our community.

Make Piscataway’s local government transparent and more effective  

  • improve website and social media for dialogue
  • improve municipal services and improve road maintenance
  • videotape and share Council meetings
  • provide email addresses for Council members
  • put Council agendas, minutes, etc. on the website

Promote responsible economic development

  • prevent truck traffic and road congestion in our neighborhoods
  • assess environmental, economic, and quality of life impact
  • protect our open space
  • encourage new and existing businesses to train and hire Piscataway residents
  • insure tax incentives are balanced for our Township's needs
  • use environmentally sound strategies

Increase Recreation, Safety, and Social Services

  • expand investment in libraries
  • build the Y/Pool/Community center
  • create places for people of all ages to interact
  • support our volunteer rescue and fire squads
  • improve community safety our seniors and our young people
  • encourage intergenerational activities

Create an Open and Welcoming Community

  • hold open meetings with our constituents
  • advocate for policies that protect and reflect the values of our residents
  • support sustainable environmental choices        
  • provide opportunities for meaningful dialogue on issues of importance to our residents

I will work with my neighbors to hear their opinions, and engage with all of Ward 4’s residents, regardless of how long they have lived here, ask for their opinions and operate in the open.

3. About Mohammed Raqeeb

  • Homeowner and resident of Piscataway for over 13 years
  • Director of IT at Rutgers/RBHS
  • Master’s degree in Computers along with 16+ years of experience in the field of Management and Information Technology
  • Service on Piscataway’s Civil Rights Commission
  • Graduate of Citizen’s Police Academy of Piscataway, completed basic and advanced training; Memorial Day Parade, Fourth of July celebration and National Night Out volunteer
  • Piscataway Soccer Club Coach
  • Project Manager volunteer at the Project Management Institute     
  • Muslim Center of Middlesex County Education Committee Chairman
  • Lead organizer at ICNA for sports days, quiz competitions, back to school events, distribution drives (food & clothing) and social services
  • Professional experience in strategic planning, decision‐making, building high‐performance teams, project management, and implementing best practice methodologies and continuous improvement programs