For over two decades, I have been a practicing pharmacist serving over 13,000 nursing home residents in the capacity as Director of Pharmacy at Partners Pharmacy.  I am committed to the highest standards of healthcare and medication management and have extensive experience in my profession.  My wife and I are also local Piscataway business owners.  As business owners, we understand the importance of sound fiscal management. 

We are the proud parents of two children who graduated from the Piscataway school system.  They have both gone onto college, with our oldest currently attending medical school.  We are extremely proud of their accomplishments thus far. 

As an active volunteer at the Gayatri Chetna Center, I have worked to bring groups together to volunteer at township wide health events and clean-ups.  I believe in bringing groups together to work for a better cause.  Working together, you can accomplish so much.

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I am running for the Piscataway Board of Education because I want to see taxpayer’s dollars used to provide the best education possible for the students.  I feel very strongly that now more than ever the Board of Education needs fiscally responsible board members.  With the extra money that Piscataway will now be receiving from the State of New Jersey, the Piscataway Board needs a steward that will use the funds in a prudent, efficient way.

As a Board member I will work to utilize the resources we have here in Piscataway, developing public/private partnerships.  I would work towards implementing a mentoring program with the local industry leaders.  I feel that this would benefit every student in the Piscataway school system.

On Election Day, November 6th, please vote for a new approach to tackling the hard decisions that need to be made to improve the Piscataway school system for the children, as well as the teachers and administrators.  Please consider voting for me, along with my running mates Jeffrey Fields and Shelia Hobson on column J. 

Thank you for your consideration.