When I decided to move to Piscataway, about 10 years ago, a major driving factor in my decision was the sense of community, and belonging that the town fostered. I wanted a safe space to raise my two children, a place with the prospects of a strong education, and a diverse arena for their upbringing. Piscataway has been a home for me, and I wish to make it more welcoming.

As an active voice in the community through my civic engagement in the form of volunteerism at the Gayatri Chetna Center, I have learned firsthand the needs of the townspeople, and the overall community. In my position as their Secretary, I have organized annual service events in collaboration with the municipality, and have directly worked with the children of Piscataway on multiple projects. These include spring community-wide cleanups for 5 years running, and more recently a meal distribution program meant to directly benefit Piscataway youth. As part of this initiative, I spearheaded a campaign to distribute over 1,500 fresh lunches each week to Piscataway families impacted by the COVID Pandemic. Through this cooperation, my faith in the community was further reinforced.

As part of the administration of the Sunday school within the Gayatri Chetna Center, I have seen the importance of strong moral values. Values which I see continually expressed in the Piscataway School system. My children in the first and fifth grade offer me an ear to the ground on the needs of students, and inspire me to advocate and enhance it further.

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My wife has also shown commitment to the school system in her involvement as member of PTO, as class mom, perennial field trip chaperone, volunteered for school’s field day and book fair.

The reason I am running for the Board of Education is to fulfill my vision, a better, safer Piscataway. Given the current circumstances, safety is imperative and has received a new meaning. Safety from violence and illness should all be considered paramount in the development of children. As an experienced IT professional, I am committed to streamlining the education of students, whether it be remote or in person. I will offer a unique perspective, with my skills ensuring that Piscataway Schools are equipped with the infrastructure to enable comprehensive future benefits using the latest available technologies and tools.

I will make it my mission to ensure that hard-earned taxpayer money is allocated in an efficient and transparent manner, further augmenting the community we have already built. Students deserve the best education possible and I feel very strongly that the Board of Education is responsible for providing this.

This election, please support our efforts towards better, safer schools in Piscataway.

Piscataway Schools should be a path to success for our students, and they must be given the resources to focus on their goals. Please consider voting for me, along with my running mates Kimberly Lane and Lynnel Edmundo. Please vote for Column 1 on the back of your ballot.

Thank you for your support.