Fauzia Butt

About Me: I have been a resident of Piscataway for the last 15 years with my husband and four children, who have attended Piscataway Public Schools. We have enjoyed raising our family in a diverse town like Piscataway where our children have had the opportunity to get an excellent education while participating in many sports and activities. I hold a masters degree in Education, and I am proud to work as a para professional in the Piscataway Township schools. I have worked with special education students for five years.

What I stand for: I believe that we should further invest in our neighborhoods

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  • Fix our roads and plow all of our streets
  • Build an accessible and affordable community center for all
  • Expand local businesses and recreation with the establishment of a dog park or Farmers' Market

Why I am running: As a part of a diverse community, I always love to help people. My goals as Committeewoman will be to represent my District and make sure the voices of all residents are heard and their concerns addressed, and to make Piscataway a safer and better town for our future generations. 

 Shahid Butt

About Me: I moved to Piscataway with my family in 2004 because I wanted to raise my family in a diverse and vibrant community like Piscataway. I have worked in the United States Postal Service's Piscataway office for the last 15 years.

What I stand for: I believe that Piscataway's government should be open for all

  • Council meetings should be broadcasted
  • Advisory Committees and Commissions should be open to public participation
  • Information and materials regarding upcoming local decisions should be put online

Why I am running: Working as a letter carrier I am in touch with my diverse community on a daily basis. I am running for Committeeman because I want to represent my District and help make Piscataway a better place with lots of opportunities for our upcoming generations.

For further information regarding the candidates or the Piscataway Progressive Democrats, please visit http://www.centraljerseyprogressivedemocrats.org.