Fareen Memom

My name is Fareen Memon and. I love the strong and diverse growing community in Piscataway, and

About Me:  I have been a resident of Piscataway township for many years. I moved into my Ward 3 District 8 neighborhood about 3 years ago with my husband and 3 beautiful children. I work as a product developer for home textiles and love to give my free time to volunteer for various organizations in and around our wonderful community.

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What I stand for: I want to help continue to keep this township diverse and safe for families to grow in. As Committeewoman, I will advocate for improved quality of life for my friends and neighbors in Ward 3 District 8, and throughout Piscataway. I believe that further investment in our neighborhoods are necessary to expand upon local business and recreation. For example, the establishment of a dog park or Farmers' Market would leave a lasting impact on the community members and make Piscataway an even more inviting community for families.

Why I am running: I want to ensure that each resident is valued and understood. The diversity of our town is something that needs to be celebrated and with the current county committee keeping the same leadership in power, we are not seeing important changes. Therefore as Committeeperson for Ward 3 District 8 I will make sure that the local issues are listened to and handled.


Mahamed Khan

About Me: I have been a resident of Piscataway since 2009 and have lived in New Jersey since 1986. I have been a successful businessman for over 35 years, and I also work part time as a volunteer for different communities in New Jersey. I received my degree in Economics from Islamabad, Pakistan, and have been blessed to be able to pursue my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and raising a family. My wife and I have been married for 26 years and have with 3 children, one of whom is currently attending Piscataway High school. 

What I stand for: I believe that Piscataway's  government should be more transparent. Community forums should be regularly held on important issues like development and taz breaks. Information and materials regarding upcoming local decisions should be put online so that residents feel in touch with their town. Overall the people of Piscataway deserve their issues to be heard by their representatives. 

Why I am running: I am running for Committeeman to serve the people of Piscataway to the best of my ability and with my full honesty and dedication. I know that as a new leader I will be able to bring a different set of skills to the Democratic County Committee and make important changes that residents would like to see.

For further information regarding the candidates or the Piscataway Progressive Democrats, please visit http://www.centraljerseyprogressivedemocrats.org.