Zaka Malik 

About Me: I moved to Piscataway in 2000 with my family. I wanted to raise my family here because of the diverse and welcoming community, and for the opportunity my children would have to get an education in an amazing school system like Piscataway’s. For the past 30 years I have owned a business by the name of Supreme Groceries and Halal Meat. All 3 of my sons were born and raised in Piscataway and attend the Piscataway public schools.

What I stand for: I believe that tax fairness and affordability should be ensured. The constant reevaluation of homeowner property taxes should be stopped and public disclosure of proposed development deals should be required. Transparency is the key to the success of a local government and its relationship with its constituents. Therefore materials and information should be put online regarding major decisions, and council meetings should be broadcasted.  I will work to ensure that all voices are heard in our democratic process so that we can improve the quality of life for all Piscataway residents.

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Why I am running: As a business owner, I am in touch with the diverse community of Piscataway on a daily basis. I am running for Committeeperson because I want to help the community of Piscataway grow, and also to make it a better place for generations to come. As Committeeperson, I will be an advocate for my friends and neighbors in Ward 4, District 7, and throughout Piscataway.

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