In light of ongoing misinformation from the Township and critical questions and concerns from residents that continue to go unanswered, Food & Water Watch will hold a public forum to clear the air about Piscataway’s recently launched Clean Energy Aggregation (CEA) program.

This initiative, passed by an overwhelming majority of voters in 2019, establishes Piscataway as a leader in the fight against climate change, and will help protect clean air and a healthy environment by accelerating the Township’s transition to clean renewable energy.  An additional benefit of programs like this is that they often save residents money through the power of bulk purchasing and competitive bidding.  The facts show that the Piscataway CEA program is saving residents money compared with the default electricity rate from PSE&G.

Unfortunately, the Piscataway administration has done very little to ensure the success of this important program. They have refused requests from my organization Food & Water Watch and from their residents who have asked for the Administration to provide regular updates at Township council meetings, as well as dedicated and accessible venues for residents to ask questions to the company the Township chose to administer the program. Meaningful stakeholder engagement was also completely missing from the design and implementation of the program, leading the Township to miss out on critical opportunities to partner with neighboring towns and to leverage stakeholder input and local expertise. Instead the Piscataway Mayor and Administration have focused on critiquing Food & Water Watch for initiating the successful petition initiative and referendum, and spreading misinformation about the program. A recent post on the Piscataway Township Facebook page stated that the Piscataway CEA rate was higher than PSE&G's regular rate.  This is simply not true, even according to the Township’s own website,

The people of Piscataway deserve nothing less than full transparency and accountability for a successful implementation of the Community Energy Aggregation (CEA) program that launched earlier this year.  We invite local residents and all interested parties to attend an online forum this Wednesday evening, Oct. 13th at 7:30pm to learn more about the benefits of the program and to get answers to their questions.