Dear Editor,

Last month the article,  A Girl Scout Workshop that Builds Young Environmental Specialists reminded readers that it's important to educate people on issues in our environment. Our waterways are under threat from harmful plastic pollution. Americans throw away an estimated 70 million plastic foam cups and about one-third end up in waterways like rivers, lakes and oceans.

This plastic wastes doesn't biodegrade, but instead breaks down into smaller pieces that continue to pollute our waterways for decades. Dangerous plastic fragments have been found ingested by literally hundreds of different species. 

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Whenever visiting the Jersey shores, plastic waste and trash is found all over the sand and beach area where the water washes up. Unlike most beaches in other states on the east and west coast, Jersey shores tend to have a line of trash that lines itself near the water, meaning that this trash ended up in our oceans and washed up in our shores. It makes our beaches seem filthy and undesirable to visit to tourists and even people in our state. This is especially unfortunate since summer's here. 

Let's protect our waterways and our wildlife by banning foam cups and takeout containers here in New Jersey.