PISCATAWAY, NJ – An unanticipated intermission during Piscataway’s annual 4th of July fireworks spectacular left many wondering if there was going to be more to the show or if it was over and they should leave their viewing areas to go home.

Technical difficulties caused several moments when no mortars were fired into the air from Green Acres Park, the first of which was the longest, at almost 15 minutes.

Despite pleas from the announcer asking the thousands of spectators to wait and not leave the field at the high school’s football stadium, many did as it seemed the show had ended, and without the grand finale fireworks that usually get lots of ‘oohs and ahhs’.

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“It was a computer glitch in the firing system,” Mayor Brian Wahler said exclusively to TAPinto Piscataway on Friday about why the fireworks stopped launching about 10 minutes into the pyrotechnic display.

“When you have a certain amount and size of fireworks being shot off, they’re all being done by computer,” he explained. “It took them about eight minutes to swap out a new part and that’s why it was able to continue on afterwards.”

Fireworks by Grucci, which puts on the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks celebration over New York City waterways conducts the annual Piscataway display at a cost of about $49,000 to the township, said Wahler.

“It’s an expensive proposition,” said the mayor. “We have a lot of police officers brought in on extra duty, emergency services folks, there’s a lot of involvement that goes on and not just the dollar amount of the fireworks."

He said Piscataway is one of the few towns to still have a firework display on the actual national Independence Day holiday, drawing 30-40,000 spectators from across Middlesex County and surrounding areas.

“It very rarely happens,” said Wahler about the interruption. “But unfortunately, it happened to us.”

While some took to social media groups to comment on this year’s fireworks event, others wanted to know why more parking restrictions seemed to be put in place, limiting how close they could get to their favorite viewing areas and corporate parking lots.

“We just ordered more visible signs,” said Wahler. “The restrictions were still the same as prior years."

“It’s unfortunate because throughout the years a lot of these companies near the high school allowed people to park and go watch the fireworks,” he said. “But for whatever reason, last year a lot of people left a lot of litter all over the place, and (the corporations) had to pay someone to clean it up."

“So, this year they decided to hire private security to block off their lots and that’s what happened,” said Wahler.

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