We need a New Mayor who Values All of Us.

I’m coming up on twenty years in this beautiful community of Piscataway. I love living here. I love the ethnic and religious diversity. I love my friends, my neighbors, and I love raising four children in a township rich with ideas and possibilities.

Anxious to give back to my community, I have tried to become involved with various groups within the township government.  Last year, I answered the public invitation to serve on the Township’s Civil Rights Advisory Commission.  I was contacted by the chair and subsequently, I participated in numerous calls and helped to plan some activities. Imagine my surprise when I was told that I was not actually on the Council, and that my application was not approved by the Mayor.  No one ever contacted me about this decision.  I am disappointed that my initial enthusiasm was met with a wall of silence, and that I was shut out by the Mayor. Why?  Doesn’t he want people who care to be involved?

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Wahler’s attitude, after five terms in office, is that ‘same old, same old’ is good enough, I guess. This archaic, and quite frankly lazy, way of doing things is most evident and on display during Township Council meetings. Thanks to the live-streaming of meetings by the Piscataway Progressive Democrat Organization, the public has witnessed these meetings: council members on the podium, set way back from the public, their dismissive and often rude responses to legitimate questions from the public, and the infuriating process of delaying any progress that doesn’t seem to directly benefit the Council and the Mayor himself. It’s truly one of the least democratic things I’ve watched. It’s maddening and we need change.

I’m so happy to support the Column A candidates in the upcoming July primary.

I will be voting for Bill Irwin for Mayor along with Kamuela Tillman, Ralph Johnson, and Laura Leibowitz for Council because they stand for integrity and transparency. They plan to record and broadcast township meetings. They promise to run these meetings with fairness and respect for the public. They intend to openly invite all members of the public to regular meetings of Advisory Committees and Commissions. This will not only offer a transparent view of the leadership, but also allow for an influx of new and varied ideas.

These candidates are committed to implementing a government that is dedicated to public service, not self-service. I believe in Irwin, Tillman, Johnson and Leibowitz.