I will vote Column B in the New Jersey Primary.  It is without question that I will support the Biden/Booker ticket along with all of the Column B Democrats. Here is why I support our local Piscataway elected officials running on the Column B line.

Mayor Wahler, council members, Gabrielle Cahill, Kapil Shah and Chanelle Scott-McCullum are working hard to lead our town through the COVID-19 crisis.

When I hear of other towns struggling during the down turn in the economy, I am assured that our services will continue without interruption.  Our neighboring towns who made difficult decisions and laid off employees, were not financially prepared for an economic crisis of this magnitude. The precautions taken by our town to keep both residents and employees safe is to be commended. I have since learned that we are a AA+ bond rated town, which until recently, I never paid attention to. This rating doesn’t come easily, Piscataway is part of a small group of towns in New Jersey who can boast this. We can be proud that Mayor Wahler and his administration have put into place measures to keep our great town running.

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We know that residents in Piscataway share a common pride in our community. It is also true, that our current elected officials, Wahler, Cahill, Shah and Scott-McCullum, are leaders who work behind the scenes to keep Piscataway a great place to live, whether it is that our town was named four times by Money Magazine as one of the top ten towns to live in America, or by Sports Illustrated as a Sports Town USA. We boast a free recreation league and now a state-of-the-art Community Center...with a spray park for our children — without bringing a tax burden onto residents. They enlisted the expertise of the YMCA to run the center. The residents who donated to the project all those years ago will be recognized on a wall inside the center. Dedication and hard work behind the scenes...this is how I want my local government to work. Yet, these accomplishments are not solely because we have dedicated, responsive local government; they speak to the character of our town.

There have been some who talk about jobs in our town. Concerns about jobs and concerns for our residents to get good paying jobs. Through careful planning and foresight, this administration has managed to attract new business into our town. I remember the days when Piscataway enjoyed a robust corporate corridor on Centennial Avenue. Post 911 and the advance of the “work from home” trend, we saw many empty office spaces for several years. I look around and see on property, formerly vacant for decades, now stand, state-of-the-art warehouse centers, manufacturing plants (such as Cascade) or construction teams working on a new project. For me, this equals employment, a pay check, providing for family and realizing the American dream. It is due to careful planning of much-needed economic development.

​I have lived here for 13 years. Piscataway is not just where I live, it is my home. Mayor Wahler and his administration work hard and smart to keep taxes low, services high and public safety a priority. These are just some of the reasons I support Column B Democrats.

Michael Foster

217 Davis Avenue

Piscataway, NJ 08854