EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - On Saturday, the East Brunswick Environmental Commission held its East Brunswick Spring Birding Day. This annual event sponsored by the Commission and Friends of the EB Environmental Commission visits East Brunswick’s birding hotspots to observe the northward push of birds as they return to nesting grounds or continue far to the north.

Yesterday took the group to Dallenbach's, Heavenly Farms and Bicentennial Parks.

"Seeing" birds was difficult, high up against the glare of a bright gray sky, but eventually, and helped by their songs, the group identified 71 species, including 15 warblers, a hummingbird, a Peregrine Falcon and other hawks.

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Highlights were Blue Grosbeak and Bobolinks at Heavenly Farms and our famous Prothonotary Warbler at Bicentennial. One disappointment was the lack of Grasshopper Sparrows at Heavenly farms, but it's early yet  and we suspect they’ll show soon. 

The commission sponsors bird walks in the Spring and Winter each year.  Watch for the next event - early January, to see what birds have come south to EB to spend the winter.