To the Editor:

The Piscataway Community Energy Aggregation (PCEA) program, just rolled out for township residents, does NOT include nuclear power as one of its “renewable energy” sources.  The referendum voters passed last November required that the PCEA use only Class 1 Renewables: wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and other sustainable sources.

We passed the PCEA in order to move our town and state away from dirty power, from the air pollution of fossil fuels and the radioactive wastes of nuclear power.  Bulk purchasing as a community also gives us cost savings, along the way to addressing the climate crisis.

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And that’s what we’re getting: a win-win.  Residents can access 30% clean electricity by automatically staying in the basic plan, with a savings on their electric bill.  If residents want to “opt UP”, they can choose to go immediately to 50% Class 1 Renewables or to 100% Class 1 Renewables, at reasonable rates.  The whole town will move forward in stages, reaching 100% clean renewables in 2035.  Individual households can also opt out at any time, and businesses can opt in.

Still, there may be some confusion about how the PCEA will work:

(1) SOURCING: The energy provider, EnergyHarbor, is a diversified power company, with some nuclear and fossil fuel holdings.  But its PCEA contract with the Township is only for clean energy.

(2) SHADE: The Mayor has always knocked the referendum, which let voters decide town policy, not the insiders.  OK, the people have spoken, 64%-36%, let’s move on.

(3) INFORMATION: The town website, which is hard to navigate for basic information, is nearly impossible to navigate for PCEA facts and options, including the choice to opt out.  We do need to inform ourselves. Here’s an upcoming forum for residents who have questions:

This Wednesday, April 22 at 6 pm: the town’s PCEA administrator, Good Energy LP, is holding an online Q & A session:

And Piscataway Progressive Democrats, who endorsed the PCEA referendum, did a special segment explaining the PCEA and your PSE&G bill last Saturday, April 18:


Let’s celebrate this Earth Day by making Piscataway cleaner and greener! 

Ann Bastian, 113 Fountain Ave.