To the Editor:

TapInto just ran an update on Piscataway’s Clean Energy Aggregation (PCEA)

program, reprinting Mayor Wahler’s recent letter to residents. The Mayor wrote that the

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contracting process is underway, in compliance with the referendum voters passed last

November by a 63%-37% margin. The Mayor repeated that he didn’t endorse the

measure and can’t guarantee lower electric rates, even with a bulk purchasing plan.

We think town residents might want to know more.

Eight municipalities in NJ already have enacted CEAs with similar or more aggressive renewable energy standards, and every one of them has been able to negotiate lower rates than the PSE&G default rate now available. We trust that Piscataway officials can do the same, aided by the consultants at Good Energy.

Residents should also be aware about recent corporate trolling. A private energy

provider, CleanChoice Energy, has been trying to lock folks into more expensive

individual plans before the town completes its bulk purchasing contracts. CleanChoice

has been sending letters, knocking on doors, and making robo-calls to residents.

They’re pressuring residents and sowing confusion. Please be aware this is NOT the

PCEA, which we expect to be ready by March or April.

When the Township completes its PCEA contracts, every household should have three

clear options:

>be part of the Township PCEA bulk purchasing plan for clean energy (solar, wind, and other non-polluting sources). Households are automatically included.

>or opt out and go back to PSE&G’s default rate, powered by 95% dirty fuels

>or opt out and choose a private provider. One could be CleanChoice Energy, which is not offering a bulk purchasing rate.

The referendum passed by voters in November stipulates that the Township must allow businesses to opt into joining the PCEA.

We expect that the town’s PCEA contracting process will be transparent and in good

faith, honoring the will of the voters. We certainly hope the Mayor and Council will

communicate these options to all of us in a straight-forward and timely way.

Let’s remember: when it comes to climate crisis and a greener future, we are all in this