We all know that Piscataway’s parks are one of its best features. I’ve been swinging on the swings at Johnson Park since I was a baby and whenever I visit on break from college, I always go back. However, when I learned that the World Health Organization had labeled the main chemical in Roundup as a probable carcinogen, my nostalgia faded away to fear. It was enough to make me scared of the long-term repercussions and I’m sure that some of you with kids or older relatives are now debating whether to go back as well. Until its proven safe, we shouldn’t have to take a chance every time we want to enjoy what is meant to be a happy place. This is why I want Governor Phil Murphy to ban the use of Roundup in New Jersey public parks. If you agree, please write or call his office urging him to act now, so we can keep making memories at our parks.