SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ –  A group of Roosevelt students recently paid tribute to their outgoing principal in a very sweet way. 

On June 19, students in Sharon Hudzik’s class invited Principal Robert Diehl into their classroom for a special animated story and presented him with personalized ‘prescriptions’ to help make his transition to a new school easier. Effective July 1, Diehl will serve as principal of South Plainfield High School. 

The students and Hudzik each wrote a personalized note, drew portrait of their beloved principal, and created a detailed ‘prescription’ calling for a chocolate treat for each day of the school week. 

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“We wanted to do something special,” said Hudzik, noting that Diehl always has ‘a stash of chocolate’ in his office and that she personally would stop by the morning for a chat and to grab a piece. “He loves chocolate and we wanted to do something fun.”

For Mondays, third grader Raunak Kishore ‘prescribed’ M&M’s because he feels Diehl is ‘marvelous and magnificent’ and for Tuesday’s third grader Ryan Rodriguez ‘prescribed’ Reese’s Pieces thanking Diehl ‘to pieces’ for all he has done. On Wednesdays, Kit-Kat’s were ‘prescribed’ by fourth grader Christopher Maldonado because Diehl may ‘deserve a break’ and, for Thursdays, third grader Gia Esposito ‘prescribed’ Nestle Crunch bars to thank Diehl for ‘always coming through in a crunch.’ Additionally, Hudzik’s ‘prescription’ called for Snickers on Fridays as a means of reminding Diehl of all the ‘snickers’ he had a Roosevelt. 

Gia told TAPinto South Plainfield that she will miss Diehl’s lunchtime trivia which was ‘sometimes really hard’ and Christopher said he really enjoyed that principal’s World War II trivia that included information on Pearl Harbor because December 7 is also his birthday. Ryan said he will miss Diehl being at school events and Raunuk said Diehl was ‘just the greatest principal.’ “He doesn't yell if you go to his office. He just has a little talk,” said Raunuk. 

 “This really was great. Thank you. I am going to miss you, but I am going to be around a lot,” Diehl told Hudzik students. “They already have me coming back for a lot of things. I’m not going far.” 

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