SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick Police Department has recently reopened an investigation of the murder of Aileen Morris, a mother of nine who was shot and killed 30 years ago while working as a cahier at Krauser's food store on Alston Road. Police have been re-examining old evidence and compiling a list of all the witnesses that were available at the time in order to generate any new leads.

Micheal Pellino is a Detective Sergeant for the South Brunswick police department who has been working on Ms. Morris’s case. He says that the department often re-examines cold cases and looked at Ms. Morris’s case a couple of years prior. As it is the 30-year anniversary of her death, Mr. Pellino said that the police department wanted to re-open this case as a means of delivering closure to her remaining family. Mr. Pellino has been in contact with Ms. Morris’s family in order to collect as much evidence as possible.

“I think Ms. Morris’s family is very happy that we are doing this again because they are still wondering why this happened to their mother and who could have done it” Pellino said “She is the mother of nine children, several of which were very young at the time of her death, so this means a lot.”

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At the time, police spoke to numerous people who were in the store around the time of the shooting, according to Pellino. A composite drawing was made of the assailant based off of the recollection of one of the people in the store. Police located anyone in the area who resembled the man in the drawing for questioning, as well as family members, friends and coworkers. Pellino describes the police investigation at the time as being very thorough and called the list of people who were spoken to ‘totally endless.’

As the case has been re-opened, police have been going over the files and evidence with a ‘fine tooth comb,’ according to Pellino. Detectives have been compiling a chronological list of everyone who was initially spoken to at the time and trying to locate them, as some of them have since moved out of South Brunswick or have passed away. South Brunswick Police have also encouraged anyone with any information about the killing to reach out to the detectives or call their tip hotline.

The police are also planning on re examining evidence collected by the department as well as evidence that is being held at the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s office. Pellinso says that they will use whatever modern technology that is available to look over the evidence to gain more insight.

“We are gonna tap the mines of both our labs and say, ‘This is what we got. What can we do with it? How can we test it further in order to identify anyone’?” Pellino said.  “I can’t say that we have done anything at this point to move forward, but we are in the process of trying to figure out what our technology today can do for the evidence that was collected at the time.”