PISCATAWAY, NJ — Meet Buddy, Piscataway’s TAPinto Pet of the Week!

Buddy went missing Thanksgiving Day, and her recovery took 50 days.

Her owner, Maria Powers shares Buddy's story and believes it will provide hope for many people with missing pets. 

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“On Thanksgiving evening, my indoor female cat, Buddy, ran out my front door. I began immediately searching in the surrounding area looking under every bush and car in hopes of locating her. 

After days of searching, I began to feel discouraged and wondered if I would ever see my cat again. I didn't know if she was dead or alive. I searched for Buddy both early morning and late evening due to my long hours of work. I was extremely limited due to my heavy work schedule. I quickly realized I needed additional help. I reached out to the local pet community who responded with the best help I could have ever found. 

Karin Anne Nikischer, Marie Ganz, Animal Communicators/Clairvoyant Energetic Healers responded to my request for help. 

Karin Anne, a Dowsing Master and energetic healer tracked Buddy's vibrations by dowsing with   a pendulum over Google Maps in order to give me the specific areas where Buddy was traveling.

Marie Ganz, a Clairvoyant Reiki Master, was able to connect with Buddy through her ability to see through the cat's eyes. Buddy responded by showing Marie her current surroundings. This information combined with the maps was vital in the daily search. 

Several night cameras, feeding stations and eventually traps were strategically placed based on the information provided by Marie and Karin. My hope was that I would find Buddy in one of the traps. 

I even hired a tracker, Sam Connelly,  with her dog Abby.

I felt like a detective being given clues to search in areas only a cat would find.

As time went by I finally was given my last clue and  map on January 6th. 

Karin sent me several maps insisting that Buddy was in or under the building. My response was. "I have looked everywhere. I will put another camera outside by my place."

Then I got a message from Marie! She told me that Buddy showed her a drainage pipe and a small hole in the cement foundation to the right side of steps. 

I began putting the clues together. I realized that Buddy might be in a place I had searched before. 

This was a crawl space under my apartment! 

In addition to the small hole where a cat can enter,  the drainage pipes Marie had mentioned were also clearly visible. That night I placed food, water and another camera in the crawl space. To my surprise when I reviewed the video I saw my Buddy on camera. 

Marie, Karin and I tracked my cat and found her fearful and crying underneath my apartment building. She was covered in fiberglass insulation and was nothing but skin and bones. She was yowling trying to alert me to her whereabouts. Luckily with the help of these ladies and their abilities to lure her into the trap, I got my Buddy safely back home with me. 

I thank the community of pet owners, especially Bonnie Wagner- Westbrook  for making sure Buddy had the best treatment possible  and Capic Cats who assisted in getting Buddy's initial Veterinary treatment. 

Because of Buddy's serious medical condition she required additional tests and treatment at another facility.

Buddy lost more than half of her body weight, was jaundiced and has ringworm. She will require ongoing veterinary care to restore her to full health.

Marie, Karin and Bonnie gave me help I can never repay them for. I am blessed to be able to pet Buddy to sleep every night and give her kisses while she recovers from the horrible ordeal of finding her way back home.”

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