Dear Mayor Mapp and Members of the Plainfield City Council,

When I first heard about the resolution awarding yourselves raises I thought the magnanimity was over the top but, generally, that salary increases of some amount were warranted.  Not so anymore!

I received a copy of the agenda yesterday and nearly blew a gasket as I was reading the resolution awarding $396,000 to Yates as a settlement for breach of contract.  You have to be kidding me.  Everything surrounding the North Avenue demolition, from beginning to end, speaks to corruption, negligence, ineptitude, conflict of interest, lack of transparency, unaccountability, outright deceit, and so many other adjectives the day isn't long enough to enumerate.

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Three top-level employees should have lost their jobs as a result of this blatant sham and fiasco.  A fourth individual, a political appointee who appears to have been a go-between, should have been removed.  And now, with a figure of $396,000 on the table, it is obvious there is a large degree of incompetence in the legal advice and advocacy the City has relied upon in getting to this point.

Put in simple terms, the current circumstances bring to mind many administrative and legislative failures this administration and Council, like others previously, are simply incapable of resolving, and oftentimes share responsibility for creating: PMUA, illegal use of CSBG funds, P2P abuses, excessive patronage and nepotism, questionable contracting, among others.  Residents and observers cast a wary eye on our city with all the in-game maneuvering that goes on here.

If you want to know, I had been thinking of 50K for the mayor and 15K for council members.  Now maybe 45 and 13 if any increase at all, considering that square-dealing and oversight, things the public expects from its elected officials, look to still be in short supply. 

Yours truly,

Alan Goldstein