Are you looking to make a wise investment?  Who isn’t?  We all want to make wise investments.  Investing in your children is one of the most important things you can do.  Many families at this time of year are either looking to enroll their children in school for the first time, thinking through a transition to middle school, high school, or college, or simply just wanting something different – something better --  for their children.  So why not consider making a wise investment in a Catholic education?

Recently, Catholic schools across the nation celebrated National Catholic Schools Week, which highlights the value of Catholic education.  Its theme was “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service.”  These three simple words -- faith, knowledge, and service -- accurately describe Catholic education.

Catholic education enables students to actualize their full, individual potential both spiritually, and academically, while adhering to the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church.  It is about teaching and supporting the whole self.  

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Study after study has proven the benefits of Catholic education:

  • high academic achievement,
  • smaller class sizes,
  • a caring and challenging curriculum balanced with arts, music, and technology,
  • the development of leadership and moral values in serving others, and
  • total faith formation for students. 

Despite the proven research, many still question the value of Catholic education.  Why should they pay for education when they may live in strong and recognized school districts?  Read the news sites, watch the news on TV, or follow social media.  There is a need to invest in the whole self, to teach children what is truly important, to encourage them to live spiritually, and to help them fulfill their potential.  Catholic education provides just this. 

Catholic schools not only prepare the minds of students but also help them develop a strong faith in God and in serving others.  In addition to academics, Catholic schools not only teach but also reinforce, daily, the importance of faith and service to others.  It is this daily teaching and reinforcement that develops the whole person, creates character, and builds leaders. 

If you step into any Catholic school, you can see and feel how the environment and curriculum contribute to the development of students.  Holy Trinity School, a 2011 National Blue Ribbon School, embodies the very values of Catholic education.  It is a place where students receive personalized attention to excel academically due to small class sizes and caring teachers.  As a result, students are winning scholastic awards.  The current 8th grade class has received over $500,000 in scholarships to Catholic high schools. 

Holy Trinity is a place where students help one another and pray daily with one another.  It is not uncommon to see an 8th grader helping a 1st grader learn a lesson or a 7th grader teaching a 4th grader to play a new game.  It is a place where preschoolers learn about their Catholic faith.  It is a place where everyone has a chance to try something new, play a sport, or share a talent – building confidence in one’s self.  Holy Trinity School is a place where you see students acting out their faith through daily pray and serving each other and the community.  If you talk to any parent or grandparent, it isn’t just about the classroom or getting opportunities to play a sport or develop a talent.  Attending Catholic school is about the faith, community, and continuous support in developing young people to be successful in today’s world.  

We believe that whether you are looking for your preschooler, your elementary school student, or your middle school student, that a Catholic education at Holy Trinity School helps build the foundation for tomorrow’s leaders.  It is a place where children, parents, faculty, and friends have a chance to share their faith, pray, and support one another no matter the situation.  Holy Trinity School is a place where people want to be.

For one hundred years, Holy Trinity has educated students with the values and traditions of the Catholic faith and the vision of the education needed to be the successful leaders of our greater community.  As you consider your options for your child or children next year, take a moment to reflect and ask yourself – What do you want for your child or children?  What investment do you want to make in yourself and your family?  There are lots of alternatives but why not consider making an investment in faith, knowledge, and service?

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