MORRISTOWN, NJ - Zuri C. Towns of Morristown is responsible for the vandalism of five Morristown Churches, which took place during the evening of November 25, said Morristown Police. Towns was arrested by police on Sunday morning, November 26 near his residence.

As a result of video obtained from one of the vandalized churches, police were able to get a description of the person involved. Police were able to identify Mr. Towns this morning near his residence, which is close to several of the vandalized churches. Mr. Towns provided a statement confirming his involvement in these incidents and stated that he acted alone, said authorities. 

 Authorities stated that there was no evidence that indicated that this incident was a bias incident, therefore Mr. Towns was served a summons complaint charging him with criminal mischief, pending a court appearance.

The legal definition of a bias incident, according to police, states that the incident requires the purpose of the action was to intimidate a person or group based upon their protected class. Authorities confirmed that Mr. Towns has previously attended services at one of the vandalized churches as a minor.