BLOOMFIELD, NJ--School Desk, the company that hosts the Bloomfield School District's websites was hacked in the early morning hours and all school content was replaced by a pro-ISIS video.   By 7am the original site was restored.  The following statement was posted on the District website;

Around 4 AM EST, Monday, 11/6, an unknown group hacked the web sites of a number of companies nationwide, including the one that hosts the District's and schools' web sites. For about two hours, our web sites displayed an ISIS-sponsored YouTube video. Around 6 AM, the hacked page was brought down and by about 7 AM full functionality and control were restored. The FBI and investigative agencies are looking into the matter. At no time was confidential student or staff data compromised.  The internal computer and data systems within the District were completely unaffected. Everything that happened occurred at the web host's companies server farms in Atlanta, Georgia and Florida. We are awaiting a formal press release from SchoolDesk, our web host company, and will publish it as soon as it is released.

TAPinto Bloomfield will update the story as more information regarding the breach is received.