Unity Bank has provided a construction loan to Jerome Pereira of Fanwood to support the opening of Buccaneer Bay BBQ, 154 Terrill Road, Plainfield.

“People have always commented on my culinary skills and this was my dream,” said Pereira, an entrepreneur and business consultant. “The building is the site of a former ice cream parlor that was popular with the community. We will serve our guests only the highest quality meats and freshest ingredients and look forward to a successful future in the community.”

The restaurant held its grand opening today. In addition to barbecue ribs, brisket, and chicken, it offers burgers, corn dogs, ice cream, Italian ices, and other items both for dining in and take-out. “The décor both inside and out, is distinctly pirate themed, which children love, and we hope will keep families coming back for more,” Pereira said. “We did a total renovation of the facility and we think it will be a great experience for our customers.”

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The restaurant is located three blocks from the Sears on Route 22. On and off-street parking is available.

“We wish Buccaneer Bay the best of luck with this exciting new venture,” said Unity Bank President & CEO James A. Hughes. “It was a pleasure to help fulfill a customer’s business dreams and invest in the Plainfield community.”

Pereira said the restaurant gets its name from the first known references to barbecue.

“There is a strong connection between the words buccaneer and barbecue,” Pereira said. “The word barbecue is first thought to have been used in the English language in 1697 by the British buccaneer William Dampier in Haiti. The word barbecue is a derived from the West Indian term barbacoa, which denotes a method of slow-cooking meat over hot coals.”

For more information on the restaurant, please visit www.buccaneerbaybbq.com or call 908-755-4545.