Houdini Pizza Laboratory is a BYOB. We encourage you to bring your favorite bottle of wine, beer or liquor to enjoy with our menu!


If you’re interested in bringing a bottle or two of vino (wine)…then consider these options as they pair nicely with our pizza.


If you’re a cheese lover and will indulge in our Margherita, The Queen, Stinky Feet, Camorra or the Artichoke…bring a bottle of Lambrusco, Primitivo sparkling (or a dry sparkling), Fiano Avellino or a Greco di Tufo! All of these wines are compliments to the cheese element in our pizza. 

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If you’re a meat lover and want to start with our Proscuitto S. Daniele plate and then follow up with  the Habanera, Guido BK or Nduja pies, then maybe you can consider these wines…Vermentino, a young Sangiovese, a young Barbera or a young Bondarda.


Buon Apetito!