PLAINFIELD, NJ - The City of Plainfield started the new year by launching a Deer Management Program that will continue through the Winter Bow season, concluding on Feb. 17.  The administration is now clarifying some information about the program that it says is erroneously being reported and shared among residents on social media.

  • There are absolutely no firearms being utilized as part of the Plainfield Deer Management Program.
  • There is a sign posted that mentions the use of shotguns. The sign is inaccurate and due to a clerical error at the County Office.
  • A very careful log is kept of the number of deer impacted each day.
  • All meat is consumed and / or donated to Hunters Helping the Hungry Program.  According to the program's website, in the 2017/18 season 437 deer were donated, amounting to 17,048 pounds of venison to feed the hungry.
  • Hunting cannot take place within 150 ft of any structure.

The County of Union is utilizing the assistance of the Oak Ridge Sportsmen’s Association to reduce the population of white-tailed deer in the Cushing Road Detention Basin in the hopes of achieving a reduced deer density, and lessening the impacts to the surrounding community.

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The County of Union launched its own Deer Management Program on Monday, Jan. 8 in six county parks and one municipal park:  Watchung Reservation, the Summit portion of Passaic River Park, Ash Brook Reservation, Lenape Park, Nomahegan Park, Oak Ridge Park and the Hawk Rise Sanctuary.