CRANFORD - The Cranford Police Department would like to officially thank Cranford Post Office employee, Jennifer Goodwin, for her efforts in preventing two separate fraud cases within the Township of Cranford.

Within a two-week span, Mrs. Goodwin intercepted two elderly Cranford residents at the Cranford Post Office who were sending cash through the mail for activity linked to scams. Mrs. Goodwin, suspicious of the circumstances she was confronted with, quickly alerted the Cranford Police Department and in doing so, prevented these residents from becoming victims of these common scams and fraud schemes aimed at the elderly population.

Chief Ryan Greco of the Cranford Police Department was thankful for Mrs. Goodwin’s actions stating, “Her involvement in these fraud cases was exemplary and she should be commended for her actions.” Mrs. Goodwin is a resident of Cranford and a 20-year veteran of the Cranford Post Office.