Democrats Linda Stender and Jerry Green need to answer to the taxpayers about why it’s OK for them and other elected Democrats in Union County to manipulate their elected office to secure high paying public jobs and contracts to pad their pensions. Taxpayers should not have to fund pensions for politicians who leverage their elected office to get higher paying government jobs. Everyone who spends a lifetime in public service, and the taxpayers, pay the price for their greed.


 In addition, far too many of the thousands of public entities across New Jersey have lacked accountability and transparency to the people who pay a big price for their services. They have been allowed to act in their own interests for far too long and we cannot afford to continue drowning taxpayers in their waste and abuse.


I will support strong ethics and transparency reforms to make government beholden only to the residents and not the politicians. I will support legislative efforts to end public pension abuse, as well as work to tighten campaign finance laws that currently allow a select few (special interests) to make unlimited donations in order to influence government. This coercive influence at all levels cause overly expensive goods and services at the taxpayers’ expense.

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Specific legislation that I would support:


Prohibit simultaneous holding of certain state, county and municipal elective and appointive positions; Put an end double- or triple-dipping.
Suspend pension of any retired public employee who resumes public employment with compensation more than $15,000.
Require forfeiture of public office, position or employment upon conviction of certain offenses.
Subject public employees convicted of crimes or found at fault in civil actions to pension garnishment for public legal expenses and illegally obtained funds.
“Transparency in Government Act” to allow taxpayers to police their government in real-time by providing for the establishment of state public finance website to showcase records detailing how every state tax dollar is spent.
Require the passage of a public referendum before local government entities can borrow money above certain thresholds.
Transfer responsibility for establishment and enforcement of ethical standards for local officials and school officials to the State Ethics Commission.
Prohibit candidates and elected public officials charged with crimes from using campaign contributions for their legal defense.
Mandate forfeiture of the public retirement benefits of elected officials convicted of a crime involving office held.


Unless we fix the current system which obfuscates oversight and accountability, we will continue to spend needlessly in the fight against the culture of corruption. We will also continue to struggle in vain in the effort to attract new business and economic development to the state. 


I am asking for your vote On November 3rd so that together…we can put an end to the culture of corruption.