PLAINFIELD – February 28, 2017 – Today, Plainfield Fourth Ward Councilwoman Bridget B. Rivers declared her candidacy in the city’s mayoral race.

A life-long resident of Plainfield, Rivers previously served on the Plainfield Board of Education as a 2-term president, and as vice president. Currently, she serves on the Plainfield City Council and has done so for nearly eight years. To date, Rivers is the only person to have ever been a 3-term Council President in the City of Plainfield.

“Plainfield is such a vibrant city with a lot of potential,” said Councilwoman Rivers. “However, I came into city government years ago with great anticipation that progressive partnerships would be formed to move Plainfield forward. Instead, I have seen progressive relationships dismantled that have hindered progress in the City. As the next Mayor of Plainfield, I plan to rebuild a Stronger, Better, United Queen City.”

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Rivers, who has always been outspoken about the issues in Plainfield, continues to be a public servant and advocate, not only for the residents of the Fourth Ward, but for everyone throughout the city.

“I am not a perfect person but I am glad to know experience is a good teacher,” said Councilwoman Rivers. “God has blessed me to use my experiences to help others, drives me to engage with critical thinking, due diligence and research to work on solutions to bridge the gaps and find solutions for Plainfield residents. And, that’s exactly what I plan to do as the next Mayor of the City.”

Among other things, Rivers has a great passion for working with the city’s youth. A community recreation center is just one of the many initiatives she plans to execute as Mayor as well enhancing City resources.

Rivers noted that her official campaign platform would be released in early March. For more information or to donate to the campaign, please visit: