PLAINFIELD, NJ - On Tuesday, Aug. 6, Shiloh Baptist Church hosted a meeting with the Greater Central Jersey Clergy association. GCJC's mission is to improve the quality of life of the Central Jersey region by developing programs and services that have the greatest impact on the people of these communities and surrounding areas.

The meeting had representatives in the ministries from Cherry Hill, Irvington, and other parts of central New Jersey. The meeting was ran by the Clergy President Pastor Gary Kirkwood, Sr. and hosted by Bishop H.L. Bright. Throughout the meeting there were committee reports on what was going on in the central Jersey area, focusing around the theme of respecting the past and embracing the future of today. There was also major discussion about youth in the community where Evangelist Dina Browser talked about her youth empowerment program and founding members of the Plainfield Youth Organization for Unity spoke about their heavy involvement and advocacy in youth outreach.

There was also a special appearance by Congressman Rush Holt, who discussed a variety of issues, including marriage equality, the Voters Rights Act/civil rights, and how to improve public education. Holt also mentioned the need to put an end to racial profiling, stating  that “profiling is lazy policing”.