PLAINFIELD, NJ - Residents discussed various ways they think the community could be improved upon in the Plainfield Town Hall meeting on June 19.

 Resident Alan Goldstein emphasized the need for youth opportunities as well as a bike trail. Other residents agreed with the idea of building a bike trail and even added that a skate park would also be a good addition to foster the young people’s hobby in a safe place reserved for them rather than in the downtown plaza parking-lot where they currently skateboard. To maintain the creativity of the youth and culture of Plainfield as a whole, resident Rushelle Peterkin expressed the need for an art fair in the city.

Resident Adrian Collins spoke at the meeting about lifting the community up. Collins is a Raritan Valley College alumnus as well as a certified auto-technician, author and publisher. Despite his current success, Collins did have to overcome gang violence in his life and emphasized the importance of projecting a positive image even in the manner of how a person dresses.

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“ I try to dress like a prospect and not a suspect," Collins said.

Other concerns heard from residents at the town hall meeting included noise complaints, drunk driving problems and the overall lack of safety in the Fourth Ward. One resident commented that many city police officers do not do their job.

“Call us,” said councilwoman Rebecca Williams in direct response to the complaint in which she was referring that any issue in Plainfield should be taken up with members of the council.