SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie barnstormed into South Plainfield on Friday promoting his New Jersey School Funding Fairness Formula. Governor Christie stopped at Paul and Flor Carlisle’s home on Garden drive to discuss the merits of his plan and how it would help the Carlisle’s and South Plainfield.

The center piece of the Governor’s plan is for the State to fund education at existing levels, but to have the funding evenly distributed per pupil per district. Christie spent nearly an hour discussing his plan at the Carlisle’s kitchen table with the Carlisle’s and South Plainfield Mayor Anesh.

“I’ve voted democrat for a long time, but I love what Mayor Anesh and his team has done here in South Plainfield,” said Paul Carlisle. “My wife and I are here to hear what you have to say, and whether you’re a republican, democrat or independent we believe in people trying to do the right thing and I am interested in hearing your proposal.”

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“Over the last 30 years the State has sent $97 billion to just 31 of these urban districts, and $88 billion to the remaining 546 school districts,” said Governor Christie. “You have places like Asbury Park paying $33,000 per pupil and here in South Plainfield you spend $17,000 per pupil. The State is only handing a fraction of aid to places like South Plainfield, so if the town wants to keep pace with its’ current education levels your forced to raise property taxes.”

According to South Plainfield Mayor Anesh, the Governor’s plan would pump an additional $14,000,000 into the South Plainfield School District, and it could reduce the South Plainfield school tax burden by over $1,200.00 per household.”

In the meeting Christie heaped praise on South Plainfield’s School District which graduates 95.5% of their students’ verses districts like Asbury Park which spend nearly twice as much per pupil, but only have a graduation rate of 66%.

The Carlisle’s seemed to like what the Governor had to say, and Christie finished his time at the kitchen table discussing the merits of academics and athletics with the Carlisle’s son Aidan. “This was an exciting experience,” said Paul Carlisle.

The Governor, his staff and the press entourage brought excitement to this quiet and sleepy section of Geary Park. As the Governor’s motorcade arrived one neighbor asked “did they just win Publisher’s Clearing House?” The Carlisle’s seemed very fortunate to have the Governor at their home, but not that fortunate.