PLAINFIELD, NJ - The City of Plainfield invites residents to a ground breaking ceremony for a new skatepark at the Madison Avenue Playground.

According to Brandon Gaille, there are currently 500 skateboarding parks in United States.  Additionally, the industry is a $4.8 billion dollar market, with 11 million people who self-report they regularly skateboard.

Since skateboarding made an appearance at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, the International Olympic Committee has voted to add the sport to the 2020 Tokyo Games.  Four events will include men’s and women’s street, and men’s and women’s park.

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In Plainfield, however, skateboarders have had to settle for utilizing abandoned warehouses, parking decks and the streets.  Back in June 2013, Lamar Mackson and his son, Isaiah Jiminez-Mackson, published a YouTube video, 7th Street Blues: Quest for a Skatepark, featuring skaters from Plainfield, North Plainfield and Scotch Plains who advocated for a space to call their own.  



Fast forward to July 2016 when the Plainfield City Council approved a design contract with Hood Skateparks of Gladstone, and in December 2016, construction bids were sought.

Earlier this month, Mayor Adrian O. Mapp announced the construction of the skatepark would begin in a few short weeks so that "young people are able to enjoy wholesome recreational activities."

Madison Avenue Playground is located at 301-23 West 2nd Street.  The ground breaking ceremony will take place at 9:00 am.